sábado, 20 de junho de 2009

England Redux - Open letter

After 9 months (well... 2 months in Portugal and another 1 on vacation...), my stay in England has come to an end. And like anything else in my life, it is time for a little reflection.
It was difficult: many sleepless nights, many tears, many saudade (unique portuguese word that means the feeling of missing something or someone). The country and its habits are very different to what I'm used to. Only now, I can understand why I am, and have always been a latin woman. I talk loud, i complain a lot, I'm the most bohemian person in my department and maybe the only one that never went to the library. Still... I learned more than I ever imagined. From all the differences, the difficulties, the homesickness and the new experiences.
It was fun: I partied like hell, 5 de mayo almost every weekend. I traveled around Europe and I met friends that came from all over the world. I didn't need to study too much to have good marks, but I am sure that I learned a lot about my beloved cinema. I saw lots of movies, i made my own. I got to know different tastes, smells and textures. Some I liked, some I didn't. With all I learned.

Things I won't miss:

- The weather (this is obvious)
- The non-existence of napkins
- The rudeness of some waitresses that refuse to give me drinks after 3 am
- The lack of spontaneity from most of the people I met
- The bad journalism

Things I will miss:

- Being drunk at 5 in the afternoon
- Watching films right after they are released
- The british puntuality (Tom's not included)
- The department and the teachers (even though I skipped a quarter of the classes)

And above all.... I'll miss A, B, C, F, J, S and T among many others.

It is time to say good luck. For all of us. Bem hajam.